Uber has been showing us a lot of internal playtests as of late and previewed quite a few awesome features. Here’s an overview of some of the bigger features that we’ve seen.

Keep in mind that this list is not a guarantee. It is just compiled from what I’ve seen of playtests. Uber may pull something or add something at the last minute.


Planetary Annihilation Transports

The new air transport is possibly one of the most anticipated Planetary Annihilation features. These new transports are fast, cheap, and can carry one unit at a time. Paired with the new area commands for transports, these new units will be excellent for raiding, flanking, and expanding.

Re-Worked Orbital

The Orbital Layer will be very different in this new build. Everything in the orbital layer moves faster, and radar satellites are significantly different. Radar Satellites have been given a buff since they move faster, and they provide a small direct line of sight as well as a large area of radar coverage. The Orbital Layer will be much more important after this release, even on single planet systems.

Improved Biomes

This will be a less noticeable change, but still pretty game altering. Uber has greatly improved Planetary Annihilation’s biome generation. Planets should now have more terrain features and move interesting and game altering planet surfaces. We’ll see.


It’s taken a while, but unit formations for air and ground units are finally here. The downside is that we don’t (yet) have formation options nor do units order themselves in an ideal formation.

Planetary Annihilation Formations

New Uber Cannon

The Commander’s Uber Cannon has had a range boost, a decrease in damage, and an increase in it’s area of effect. It must be fired manually and now has a new fire mode for the Commander.


Players can now point to places on the map through “pings.” These pings make a noise and have an indicator to show where a player is pointing at. Pings show up to teammates and spectators. For now we have only one ping type.

Planetary Annihilation Pings

Missile Defense Towers No Longer Shoot at Ground

This is a small change with big implications. Missile Defense Towers used to shoot at ground and air units will now only shoot at air units.

Balance Changes

There have been quite a few balance changes aside from the orbital changes.


Naval units have been given a buff. They move faster and have had damage changes made. We don’t know all of the specifics yet, just expect them to be more powerful.

Naval Fabricators have also been changed in an effort to make naval starts as viable as ground starts. Personally I still think there’s a few tweaks to be made, but it’s some big improvements nonetheless.

Air Fabricator

Air Fabricators have been given a buff to make them viable. Basic air fabricators now build at 9 metal per second and consume 1,100 energy per second. They’re still slower than bot and vehicle fabricators and consume more energy per second.

Improved AI

The AI is now more aggressive and expands further. Expect more of a challenge! Hopefully we’ll get the difficulty slider soon.

Uber has also said they want to give the AI different personalities so there will be variety to the strategies it employs. That will make for some very exciting gameplay when Galactic War is released.

Performance Improvements

Uber has made quite a few performance and stability improvements to Planetary Annihilation. Specifically, OS X users should see some nice improvements. The next update should see some even bigger improvements to performance.

New Models

This build will include quite a few new unit and building models to replace the temporary ones we’ve had.

Planetary Annihilation Flak Cannon
Flak Cannon

Planetary Annihilation Gunship

Planetary Annihilation Combat Fabricators
Combat Fabricators

Planetary Annihilation Anchor

Planetary Annihilation Inferno

Improved Visuals

There have been quite a few improvements to the visuals of the game. Lighting is cooler, power plants have cool electrical lighting/spark things on them, the Inferno spews fire, the Leviathan Broadside looks awesome, and more cool stuff.