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Planetary Annihilation Server Rental

dedicated or shared servers

Dedicated or Shared Server Slots

When we get access, PA Matches will be offering Planetary Annihilation server slot rentals. These slots will be available at varying price points to accommodate different sized systems and games. Want larger games? We've got you covered.

dedicated or shared servers

Managed Servers

The Planetary Annihilation server slots will be completely managed. No need to worry about updating, downtime, or any other form of maintenance. Players will be able to rent out shared server slots, or higher end dedicated server slots.

dedicated or shared servers

Modded Servers

Have a favorite server mod for Planetary Annihilation? No problem! Run your mods with your own configurations.

dedicated or shared servers

Servers Across the World

It doesn't matter where you are, you can get a server near you for optimum ping. Server locations yet to be announced.

Rentals for Events

Have a tournament, big event, or just want to play a massive Planetary Annihilation match? Rent out powerful and dedicated server slots by the day for maximum performance.

Listings on the PA Matches Directory

All monthly rented server slots can be automatically added to PA Matches' server list. The server list will feature a rating system, filters, and more! Great way for easy publicity for your server and/or clan.

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