Ikon Gaming will be hosting the first open 1v1 Planetary Annihilation single elimination tournament on Friday September 6th at 4 pm mountain time. Registration will end Thursday September 5th at 10 pm mountain time. Anyone can register.

To Register for the Tournament

Players need to go to IkonGaming.net and register on the website. You can register here. After registering, post on thread Open 1v1 tournament. You will need to get Team Speak 3 in order to participate in the tournament. It doesn’t matter if you have a mic or not – pairings will be posted in the Team Speak chat room.

Team speak info:
No password.

Everyone will meet in the Team Speak lobby on the day of the match.

Tournament Rules

Gentleman’s Rules
– If a player starts nowhere near metal spots he/she may request a restart.
– You are not allowed to build more than one wall per turret.
– No abuse of other obvious exploits like wall reclaiming, remote repair, etc.

Planet Seed

We will have a set planet unless both players agree to another planet.
seed 15394
radius 24
HR 19
WH 59
temp 100

Not sure if we are doing prize support for the first tournament yet.