The Planetary Annihilation Invitational Tournament hosted by The Realm is now complete. The tournament was an invitation only of 8 of the current best Planetary Annihilation players. Competition was fierce, and explosions were glorious.

The Tournament was commentated by ZaphodX, and did a fantastic job, like always. Be sure to check out his channel.

The official tournament thread can be found on the Official Planetary Annihilation Forums.

The rules were simple. Single elimination. Gentleman’s rules. And the matches were played on the same seed.

Watch the Matches

Round 1 – Match 1: Beuk vs Cola_Colin

Round 1 – Match 2: Neptunio vs Mastastealth

Round 1 – Match 3: Gunshin vs Clopse

Round 1 – Match 4: godde vs busyeric

Round 2 – Match 1: Cola_Colin vs Neptunio

Round 2 – Match 2: Godde vs Gunshin

Round 3 – Finals: Neptunio vs Gunshin