Welcome to the first PA Matches Tournament!

This Planetary Annihilation tournament is a standard elimination tournament. Beat your opponent, progress to the next stage in the tournament.

Tournament Rules

  1. If a player starts nowhere near metalspots he may request a restart
  2. As long as there is no target priority system in place it is only allowed to make 1 wall element per tower to protect it.
  3. Currently all tanks are amphibious, while this might seem weird it is allowed as long as navy is is unfinished. Too much work to send them around water by hand all the time.
  4. No abuse of other obvious exploits like wall reclaiming, etc. pp.
  5. Chat is allowed, but keep discussion civil.

Tournament Dates

July 29th, through August 5th Delayed due to internet issues, dropouts, and other kinks. This is why the first tournament is freeform and small!

Match Release Dates

Brackets were chosen at random.

Bracket 1

Lokthar vs Cyberboss
MushrooMars vs Liquis

clopse vs SergiuHellDragoon
neptunio vs Nebbyyy

Bracket 2

Beeroshima vs stealth870
wtfitsnotbutter vs cwarner7264

Calpernicus vs syox
Brantleyyy vs lizardion1


Bracket 1

Lokthar or Cyberboss vs MushrooMars or Liquis
clopse or SergiuHellDragoon vs neptunio or Nebbyyy

Bracket 2

Beeroshima or stealth870 vs wtfitsnotbutter or cwarner7264
Calpernicus or syox vs Brantleyyy or lizardion1

Semi finals

Bracket 1 Finalists
Bracket 2 Finalists


August 5th