Planetary Annihilation Tutorial Summary:

Let’s talk about choosing the best spawn point.

There is no exact formula for choosing the best spawn, as choosing a spawn is too dependent on the situation and a player’s personal strategy.

However, there are some useful tips and trains of thought for choosing the best spawn for the situation.

Obviously, the first thing to look at is how many metal spots are in the spawn. Whichever has the most is commonly the best spawn.

However, we must also look at how many metal spots are around the spawn area. If there’s a spawn that has tons of metal in it, but no metal anywhere near, then that is a bad spawn. A spawn point with a mediocre amount of metal in the circle, but a bunch of metal nearby, can be a great starting point.

The third thing to consider is the terrain. Is the spawn in the middle of an open space? Next to an ocean? Have cracks or mountains to funnel enemy units? Some planet types have more game altering biomes than others. This final variable is the most subjective. Some players would choose to avoid an ocean, while other welcome it.

Next let’s talk about choosing spawns for the Army game mode. This is where spawn selection gets even more subjective.

Choosing a spawn in the army game mode also depends upon how many players you have, how many spawns you have, how many teams are playing, and the playstyle and strategies of your team.

In choosing a spawn, 9 out of 10 times it’s better to spawn in different spawn points. Spawning separately increase the amount of map control a team has, which increases the number of metal spots they have, which means a stronger economy.

However, if you have spawns that are very far apart, then you may want to consider abandoning the spawn point that’s far away. Spawning there is very risky, but can be very rewarding. So again, no real set rule.

In short, the best thing you can do for learning how to choose the best spawn point is to play Planetary Annihilation a lot. Each game and situation is different and you need to adapt.

I hope that helped you in choosing a good spawn point. If you have any questions or suggestions, please share them in the comments and give a like if you enjoyed it.