Planetary Annihilation Tutorial Summary:

The signature move of Planetary Annihilation, without a doubt, is the ability to smash astroids and moons into a planet with the Halley, obliterating everything.

A Planetary Annihilation tutorial detailing how to use the Halley. From getting into orbit, to reaching other planets, to constructing the Halleys, to engaging the engines, this tutorial covers planet smashing every step of the way.

Activated Halleys

How to Use the Halley

To smash planets with an astroid, a fabrication unit must get to a moon or astroid. Build an Orbital Launcher and then an Astraeus. Use the Astraeus to move a Fabricator or Commander to a nearby small celestial body.

To figure out how many Halleys are required to smash a planet, enter the celestial view and in the upper right hand corner will be a list of planets with indicators on how many Halleys are required.

Once to the moon, use an Advanced Fabricator to build the proper number of Halleys. When enough Halleys are build, enter the celestial view and you’ll see a ready indicator next to your moon. Click on that moon in the upper right and then click “Annihilate.” Next select the planet side target and click the “Engage” button that will appear at the bottom of the screen.

The Halleys will then ignite and the moon or astroid will move to the target location creating a massive explosion, obliterating everything on the planet.

For more information on the Halley, check out the Wiki entry.

A Planet being Smashed