Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Ammo System

The Ammo System is used by a variety of units and buildings in Planetary Annihilation. It requires certain units and buildings to expend energy to fire its guns or drop its bombs.

Units and Buildings with the Ammo System have a certain amount of energy storage and use up a certain amount of energy per shot. As the unit or building’s energy storage is depleted, energy is pulled from the main economy to replenish the unit or building’s energy storage. If the main economy is stalling, the unit or building’s energy recharge rate happens at a reduced rate. If a unit or building cannot replenish its energy fast enough, it will cause the rate of fire to decrease.

Some units and buildings can recharge fast enough to retain its maximum rate of fire. However, some units cannot recharge fast enough to accommodate their maximum rate of fire and must fall back to recharge, or suffer a reduced rate of fire.

The Ammo System can be modded to use metal instead of energy.