Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Buildings


Buildings can fill a variety of roles. They’re used to construct armies, destroy your enemies, and fuel your economy.

Defensive Buildings

Defensive buildings fulfill a variety of roles within Planetary Annihilation. Laser Defense Towers chew through enemies. Artillery fires long range projectiles to thin out incoming armies or destroy enemy bases. Anti-air towers destroy incoming aircraft. Radar provides valuable intel about incoming units.

Economic Buildings

Economy buildings are the only structures that can generate metal or energy. The life blood of all armies in Planetary Annihilation are these two resources. Metal is used to construct units and buildings, while energy is used to power fabricators, factories, and radar as well as fuel the ammo system of some units.


Factories are used to construct units of all types. There are two levels of factories, basic and advanced. Basic factories can only build basic units, while Advanced factories can build basic and advanced units.

Advanced factories can only be built by fabricators of the same type. For example, Fabrication Bots can build Advanced Bot Factories, while Fabrication Aircraft cannot build Advanced Vehicle Factories.