Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Defensive


Defensive buildings have a variety of roles in Planetary Annihilation. From the land barrier to the nuke launcher, these buildings are important for protecting economy buildings and destroying your opponents.

Defensive Towers

Defensive towers, like the Laser Defense Tower or the Holkins are damage dealing defensive structures used for a variety of roles. They can be used to create an impenetrable defensive wall around your base, protect outlying economic expansion, or to lob potshots at your enemy’s base.

Reconnaissance Towers

Reconnaissance Towers like the Radar or Advanced Sonar are used to detect enemies that are outside of your units or building’s vision radius.


The Nuclear Missile Launcher is a unique defensive building as it must be fired manually and deal massive damage over a large radius. It can only store one missile and can be fired over a very large radius.

The Anti-Nuke Launcher is the only defense to the Nuclear Missile. These missiles must also be built manually, but it can store up to three missiles and only intercept missiles within a small radius.


There are a handful of other defensive buildings that fit niche roles, like the Land Barrier or the Jellyfish.