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Advanced Torpedo Launcher

Description: Defense: Advanced anti-sub and anti-ship defense

Build Cost: 1,800 metal

HP: 4,000


Damage: 705 DPS. 235 damage per shot. 3 shots per second.

DPS Per Metal:  .392

Range: 210 meters

Projectile Velocity: 95 meters per second


Vision Radius: 200 meters

Radar Radius: 210 meters



The Advanced Torpedo Launcher fires homing torpedoes that deal greater damage and have greater range than the Basic Torpedo Launcher. With its high damage and health, the Advanced Torpedo Launcher is the most efficient anti-naval defensive structure.


In the 67342 Build, several changes were made.

  • HP: 4,600 to 4,000
  • Build Cost: 6,000 metal to 1,800 metal
  • Vision Radius: 100 meters to 200 meters
  • Radar added: 210 meters
  • Weapon Range: 300 meters to 210 meters

In the Planetary Annihilation release build 71673, the rate of fire was increased from 2 shots per second to 3 shots per second and the damage per shot reduced from 300 to 235.