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Planetary Annihilation Catalyst


Description: Analysis: Controls things. Big things.

Build Cost: 40,000

HP: 20,000


Vision Radius: 100 meters



The Catalyst is a giant structure buildable on the north pole of Metal planets. Once five Catalysts are completed, they transform a metal planet into a giant laser platform capable of destroying any planet in the solar system. The Metal Planet’s laser is called the “Annihilaser.”

The Catalyst does not consume energy, nor does it have a cool down time. Once five Catalysts are completed, the metal planet’s laser is capable of destroying every planet in the system in less than a minute. A fully energized metal planet’s Annihilaser is nothing short of a game ender.

The inspiration for the Catalyst’s Annihilaser is quite obviously the Death Star’s laser from Star Wars.

Destroying Planets with Metal Planets

How to Use the Annihilaser

The Catalyst activates the metal planet’s Annihilaser, capable of destroying any planet in the system. Players must build five Catalysts on the north pole of a metal planet on the five blue boxes. Once completed, the metal planet is ready to fire.

Defending Against the Annihilaser

Once all five Catalysts are completed, nothing can stop the metal planet’s Annihilaser. At least one Catalyst must be destroyed before all five are completed. As long as the player doesn’t have five, they cannot fire.

Due to the Catalyst’s high health, it takes a lot of firepower to destroy a single Catalyst. Two Nuclear Missiles are required to destroy a single Catalyst, so in nuke costs, it costs more to destroy the Catalyst than it does to build it.

The SXX Laser Platform is a more cost effective way of destroying the Catalyst. The SXX only takes 4 shots, or 8 seconds, to destroy a Catalyst, and a single SXX costs less than a Nuclear Missile, not including the launcher platform. The Anchor accomplishes the same task more cheaply, however at a much slower rate.

Using the Halley to smash a planet into the Metal Planet’s Catalyst location(s) renders the Metal Planet completely inert. However, Halleys are expensive, and it’s generally a better idea to simply smash a planet on top of the Commander and go for the win, excepting free for all matches.

Sending in ground troops through a Teleporter or via the Astraeus is also an effective way of destroying Catalysts, when done right. Teleporter invasions are difficult late game, but can be effective. Dropping a few Vanguards via the Astraeus next to a Catalyst is also an effective way of destroying the Catalyst.

Defending Catalysts from Attacks

Defending Catalysts is much easier than attacking and destroying a Catalyst. Building Umbrellas next to the Catalyst and/or Anchors above the Catalysts protects from SXX laser snipes. Anti-Nuke Launchers are the only way to protect from Nuclear Missiles. Finally, a good ground force and/or air force is needed to repel ground attacks.


The Catalyst made its first appearance the Planetary Annihilation launch trailer and was first playable in the PTE build .71378. The Catalyst was officially added into Planetary Annihilation on build .71459.