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Planetary Annihilation Nuclear Missile Launcher

Nuclear Missile Launcher

Description: Nuke: Long range, large area damage, nuclear missile

Build Cost: 14,400 metal

HP: 1,500


Damage: 11,000 damage per missile.

Splash: 11,000 damage, radius 150, full damage to 30.

Projectile Velocity: 100 meters per second


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Build Rate: 120

Fabrication Metal Consumption: 45 metal per second

Fabrication Energy Consumption: 18,000 energy per second

Energy Consumption per Metal: 150


The Nuclear Missile Launcher launches a long range nuclear missile that causes massive damage over a large radius. Nuclear missiles can be shot down by Anti-Nuke Missiles.

Nuclear Missile Launchers


When the Nuclear Missile Launcher is finished being built, a new nuclear missile begins building automatically. The missiles can be assisted by fabricators to be constructed faster.

Nuclear Missiles must be fired manually. To do so, select the nuke launcher, and select the attack command and select your target.

Nukes do accept area attack commands. By selecting multiple missile launchers, clicking and dragging causes the missiles to hit spread to destroy everything in the entire area.

Each Nuclear Missile costs 32,400 Metal.

The Nuclear Missile Launcher can store only one Nuclear Missile at a time.

Interplanetary Nukes

Not only can Nuclear Missiles fire ground to ground, but the Nuclear Missile Launcher can be used to launch missiles at other planets.

Area Attack

Nuclear Missiles accept Area Attack Commands. This allows players to select multiple nuke launchers at once, and launch all of them to different spots with one click. The missiles will then distribute themselves across the attack command area, destroying everything.

Nuclear Explosion

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In the 58678 build, the nuke missile range was increased from 2,000 to 5,000.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, two changes were made.

  • Can now be built on water
  • Splash Radius: 150 -> 150 (full damage out to 125 m)