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Planetary Annihilation Orbital and Deepspace Radar

Orbital and Deepspace Radar

Description: Orbital and Deepspace Radar: Orbital and Celestial radar telemetry

Build Cost: 300 metal

HP: 750


Vision Radius: 70 meters

Orbital Radar Radius: 300 meters


Energy Consumption: 150 energy per second


The Orbital and Deepspace Radar is used to detect units in deep space traveling between planets.


Added during build 55493, this building was not announced, leading to speculation that it was added by mistake. It didn’t even have an icon in the build tab.

In the 58678 build, the Orbital and Deepspace radar got it’s own model, build icon, and start and stop animation.

In the Build 59549, the cost was greatly reduced from 4,800 metal down to 800 metal and the energy consumption was lowered by a factor of 10 from 6,000 energy per second to 600 energy per second in an effort to make Orbital more accessible in the early game.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, several changes were made.

  • HP: 2100 -> 750
  • Metal Cost: 800 -> 300
  • Energy Consumption: 600E -> 150E
  • Radar – Orbital: 0 -> 300 m
  • Now Buildable by Adv. Fabricators

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