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Planetary Annihilation Teleporter


Description: Teleporter: Teleports units from one to another.

Build Cost: 400 metal

HP: 9,750


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Energy Consumption: 1,000 energy per second

Planetary Annihilation’s teleporter is a building used to create a network of teleporter stations on multiple planets or across a single planet. This network of gates will allow units to instantly travel from one side of the solar system to the other.

Teleporter Usage

Gates are tied to another gate and are bidirectional. When a gate is turned on, it consumes a fixed amount of energy, allowing units to pass through and appear at the other gate.

Only two teleportation gates can be active at a time per team. To link two gates, simply select one gate and right click on another gate.

Teleporters can be built by all fabricators, Commanders, Orbital Fabrication Bots, and the Advanced Combat Fabrication Bot.

Orbital Fabrication bots are fairly unique as they can build teleporters on the ground while the bots are in orbit.

Only vehicles, bots, and Commanders can travel through a teleporter.


Teleporters were added in the Build 59549.

Original Teleporter Model:
Original Teleporter Model

A new Teleporter Model was debuted on the March 27th, 2014 Internal Playtest.

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