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Planetary Annihilation Economy


Economy buildings produce metal and energy – the two resources required to construct buildings and units in Planetary Annihilation. Energy is also required to operate various defensive buildings.

Streaming Economy

Planetary Annihilation’s economy system uses what’s called a “Streaming Economy.” Players have a set amount of metal and energy storage, which can be increased with the right buildings. Different buildings produce metal and energy, while building units and buildings consumes metal and energy.

While constructing things, fabricators and factories consume metal and energy. Consuming more metal and/or energy than is produced causes metal and energy storage to deplete. If the storage is depleated, the economy will “stall” and fabricators and buildings will not construct at their full speed.

Likewise, if economy buildings produce more metal and energy than is consumed, the metal and energy storage will fill up. Any excess metal or energy is discarded and cannot be recovered. Use it or lose it!

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