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Planetary Annihilation Air Factory

Air Factory

Description: Factory: Builds air units

Build Cost: 720 metal

HP: 6,000


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Build Rate: 12 metal per second

Fabrication Metal Consumption: 12 metal per second

Fabrication Energy Consumption: 675 energy per second

Energy Consumption per Metal: 56.25 energy per metal


Air Factories are used to build Tech 1 air units. They’re also used to build Fabrication Aircraft which are needed to build Advanced Air Factories.


In the Build 59549, the Air Factory can now issue reclaim/repair area commands and the cooldown time changed from 5 to 2.

In the 67342 Build, the following changes were made.

  • HP: 2,000 to 6,000
  • Build Rate: 9 metal per second to 12 metal per second
  • Energy Consumption: 825 energy per second to 675 energy per second