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Planetary Annihilation Naval Factory

Naval Factory

Description: Factory: Builds naval units

Build Cost: 600 metal

HP: 6,000


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Build Rate: 15 metal per second

Fabrication Metal Consumption: 15 metal per second

Fabrication Energy Consumption: 675 energy per second

Energy Consumption per Metal: 45 energy per metal


Naval Factories are used to build basic naval units to wrest control of the seas and shorelines. They’re also used to build Fabrication Ships which are needed to build Advanced Naval Factories.


In the Build 59549, the Naval Factory can now issue reclaim/repair area commands.

In the 67342 Build, several changes were made.

  • HP: 2,000 to 6,000
  • Build Cost: 840 metal to 600 metal
  • Build Rate: 18 metal per second to 15 metal per second
  • Energy Consumption: 925 energy per second to 675 energy per second