Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Development Process


Planetary Annihilation was created by Uber Entertainment by “crowdfunding” it on Kickstarter. Planetary Annihilation broke the crowdfunding record with an impressive $2,229,344 funding total. Fans have since contributed even more to the game through pre-orders on Uber’s official website.

Crowdfunding is a way for independent developers, startups, individuals, and more to start their own businesses, projects, products, and more with the financial backing of fans.

Kickstarter Trailer


Unlike many other crowdfunded games, Uber Entertainment provided backers and fans with plenty of information on the progress of development throughout the entire process. Primarily through Livestreams and the Official Planetary Annihilation forums, fans have always had an excellent idea of where the game is at currently, and where it is going. This has instilled trust between fans and the developers, creating much hype in the community and across the web for the pending release of the game.