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Planetary Annihilation Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs

Planetary Annihilation has a handful of little “easter eggs” in the game. “Easter eggs” in video games are little secrets and inside jokes hidden throughout the game.

Basic Tank Name

The basic tank originally was named the “Ant.” During Planetary Annihilation’s beta the name was changed to “Pounder,” sparking a mini uprising on the Planetary Annihilation official forums. So Uber Entertainment kept on changing the name of the basic tank.

  1. Ant
  2. Pounder
  3. Titanium Insect
  4. Histericlese
  5. Alleged Tank
  6. UTC-8
  7. Unit Cannon
  8. Scamper
  9. Bolo
  10. Aventail
  11. Ripper

Unique Planet Features

Unit Cannon Wreckage




Ancient Temple


Nuclear Missile Launcher Pad

The building pad of the Nuclear Missile Launcher has a small radioactive symbol.