Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Game Menus

Game Menus

Planetary Annihilation’s interface is currently in the “first pass of the second pass” (source) and is still undergoing improvements.

Home Screen Menu Items

The home screen has seven menu options.


The Play menu item opens the interface to set up a new custom Planetary Annihilation match. Through this menu option pulls up the server browser and the option to create a new game.


The Armory is where players can view their available commanders and view their Planetary Annihilation badges.


The Social section keeps track of recent opponents, approved users, and blocked users. This section allows players to prevent blocked players from seeing newly set up matches, or to create a list of approved users so properly set up matches can only be seen by approved users.

System Manager

The System Manager is for creating and editing custom solar systems to wage war across.


This menu option simply brings up a Planetary Annihilation tutorial to teach new players about the basics of gameplay. Visit the tutorials section for more tutorials.


The Settings menu option allows players to configure the graphics, audio, camera, keyboard, and server choice settings. The settings menu also allows players to live cast to

Streaming Planetary Annihilation to


The last menu option closes out of Planetary Annihilation.


The right side of Planetary Annihilation’s main menu has various promoted videos, live streams, and the latest game updates.