Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard Shortcuts

Here’s a list of all the default Planetary Annihilation keyboard shortcuts. They all can be configured and are subject to change due to beta.


Show/Hide UI: ctrl+u
Show/Hide AR: ctrl+y
Show/Hide Performance Panel: ctrl+p
Toggle Music: ctrl+s
Toggle Fullscreen: ctrl+enter
Normal Chat: enter
Team Chat: shift+enter
Twitch Chat: ctrl+enter
Toggle Twitch Streaming: f6
Toggle Twitch Microphone: f7
Toggle Twitch System Audio Recording: f8
Run Twitch Commercial: f9
Toggle PIPs: q
Swap PIPs: shift+q
Copy to PIP: alt+q
Modal Back: esc

Camera Controls

Move Left: left arrow
Move Right: right arrow
Move Up: up arrow
Move Down: down arrow


Movement Keyboard Shortcuts

Command Mode – Move: m
Command Mode – Attack: a
Command Mode – Assist: i
Command Mode – Repair: r
Command Mode – Reclaim: e
Command Mode – Patrol: p
Command Mode – Special Move: (none)
Command Mode – Unload: (none)
Command Mode – Load: (none)
Command Mode – Alt Fire: d
Command Mode – Ping: g

Orders Keyboard Shortcuts

Stop Command: s
Fire at Will: (none)
Return Fire: (none)
Toggle Fire Orders: h
Maneuver: (none)
Roam: (none)
Hold Position: (none)
Toggle Move Orders: j

Build Orders

On: (none)
Off: (none)
Toggle Energy Orders: k
Build Once: (none)
Build Loop: (none)
Toggle Build Orders: l

Other Keyboard Shortcuts

Acknowledge Alert: space
Enable Navigation Debug Info: (none)
Disable Navigation Debug Info: (none)

Selection Keyboard Shortcuts

Select Commander: b
Select Idle Fabbers: f
Select All Factories: shift+f1
Select All Idle Factories: shift+f2
Select All Factories On Screen: shift+f3
Select All Idle Factories On Screen: shift+f4
Select All Combat Units: ctrl+shift+f6
Select All Combat Units On Screen: shift+f6
Select All Air Combat Units On Screen: shift+f8
Select All Naval Combat Units On Screen: shift+f9
Select All Land Combat Units on Screen: shift+f7
Select All Air Combat Units: ctrl+shift+f8
Select All Naval Combat Units: ctrl+shift+f9
Select All Land Combat Units: ctrl+shift+f7
Select All Matching Units On Screen: ctrl+z
Track Selection With Camera: t
Self Destruct Selected Unit: del

Chrono Cam Keyboard Shortcuts

Resume At Latest Time: (none)
Pause Time: (none)
Play Forward at 100%: (none)
Play Backwards At 100%: (none)
Play Forward at 50%: (none)
Play Backwards At 50%: (none)
Last Pseudo Frame: (none)
Next Pseudo Frame: (none)

Groups Keyboard Shortcuts

Capture Group 1: ctrl+1
Capture Group 2: ctrl+2
Capture Group 3: ctrl+3
Capture Group 4: ctrl+4
Capture Group 5: ctrl+5
Capture Group 6: ctrl+6
Capture Group 7: ctrl+7
Capture Group 8: ctrl+8
Capture Group 9: ctrl+9
Capture Group 0: ctrl+0
Recall Group 1: 1
Recall Group 2: 2
Recall Group 3: 3
Recall Group 4: 4
Recall Group 5: 5
Recall Group 6: 6
Recall Group 7: 7
Recall Group 8: 8
Recall Group 9: 9
Recall Group 0: 0

Unit and Building Keyboard Shortcuts

Construction Keyboard Shortcuts

These keyboard shortcuts allow players to build units and structures quickly with the keyboard, rather than hunting for the unit or structure on the build bar.

Build Structure

Start Build Utility: vStart Build Factory: xStart Build Combat: c

Build Unit

Start Build Vehicle: z
Start Build Bot: x
Start Build Air: c
Start Build Sea: v
Start Build Orbital: b


Build Item 1: 1
Build Item 1: 2
Build Item 1: 3
Build Item 1: 4
Build Item 1: 5
Build Item 1: q
Build Item 1: w
Build Item 1: e
Build Item 1: r
Build Item 1: t
Build Item 1: a
Build Item 1: s
Build Item 1: d
Build Item 1: f
Build Item 1: g

Camera Keyboard Shortcuts

Capture Anchor Keyboard Shortcuts

Capture Anchors are saved camera spots on planets. Use these anchor spots to quickly jump to pre-set places across the universe.

Capture Anchor 1: shift+1
Capture Anchor 2: shift+2
Capture Anchor 3: shift+3
Capture Anchor 4: shift+4
Capture Anchor 5: shift+5
Capture Anchor 6: shift+6
Capture Anchor 7: shift+7
Capture Anchor 8: shift+8
Capture Anchor 9: shift+9
Capture Anchor 0: shift+0
Recall Anchor 1: alt+1
Recall Anchor 2: alt+2
Recall Anchor 3: alt+3
Recall Anchor 4: alt+4
Recall Anchor 5: alt+5
Recall Anchor 6: alt+6
Recall Anchor 7: alt+7
Recall Anchor 8: alt+8
Recall Anchor 9: alt+9
Recall Anchor 0: alt+0

Set Planet Camera: (none)
Set Free Camera: (none)
Set Debug Camera: (none)
Set Space Camera: (none)
Toggle Free Camera: (none)
Toggle Debug Camera: ctrl+m
Toggle Space Camera: (none)
Zoom to Surface: (none)
Zoom to Air: (none)
Zoom to Orbital: (none)
Zoom to Celestial: (none)
Previous Planet: ,
Align to Pole: n
Increase Camera Pan Speed: (none)
Decrease Camera Pan Speed: (none)
Smooth Zoom Out: (none)
Smooth Zoom In: (none)
Relax Constraints: (none)
Restore Constraints: (none)

Debugging Keyboard Shortcuts

Abort: (none)
Crash: (none)
Reload View: f5
Toggle Audio Logging: (none)
Quick Profile: ctrl+f11
Bug Report: ctrl+f10
Toggle Nav Debug: ctrl+alt+f11
Toggle Console: `


The hacks can be used with the Cheats server mod.

Copy Unit: ctrl+c
Paste Unit: ctrl+v
Set Army From Hover: ctrl+b
Toggle FOW: ctrl+j
Build Avatar: alt+f1
Build Avatar Factory: alt+f2
Publish Server Mods: ctrl+alt+p


The Keyboard Shortcuts Menu used to have a different layout.

Old Keyboard Shortcuts