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Planetary Annihilation System Manager

System Manager

The System Editor menu item allows players to create their own personalized universes and planets.

System Editor

Planetary Annihilation System Editor

The System Editor allows players to create custom solar systems with randomized or custom planets. Orbits can be adjusted allowing for planet collisions and unique elliptical orbits. A planet’s orbit is very important for gameplay as there’s limitations to how far interplanetary travel can go.

However, interplanetary interaction is being saved for Beta, so Universes created with the System Editor cannot be yet used for gameplay.

Planet Editor

Planetary Annihilation Planet Editor

The Planet editor allows players to create, save, and load custom planets. Planets have a variety of customizations available, including name – custom or preset, biome, seed, radius, height range, water height, and temperature.

The height range creates hills in the planet’s surface limiting units firing capabilities, as well as adding mountains, plateaus, and craters. Water height controls the amount of lakes and oceans, but only on certain planet biomes – same goes for temperature.

How to Use the System Manager