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Planetary Annihilation Game Types

Game Types

Currently there aren’t many game types in Planetary Annihilation. However, more will be added during Beta. It is speculated that many more game types will also be added through modding.


Currently all Planetary Annihilation matches are Assassination mode. The objective is to destroy your enemy’s Commander by any means necessary. In single player matches, a player is eliminated when their Commander is destroyed. In Army or Team matches, a team is eliminated when all Commanders are destroyed.


The Army game type is where multiple players work together to defeat their opponents. However, unlike traditional team matches in other Real Time Strategy games, in Planetary Annihilation’s Army game type, all units and economy are shared. All players on a team can control all units and all share a the same economy.


In the Alliance game type, multiple players work together to destroy their opponents, but cannot control their teammate’s units and players do not share an economy.

Dynamic Alliances

Planetary Annihilation’s Dynamic Alliances game mode allows two win conditions, one for just individual players and the other for shared alliances. In this game mode, players can make and break alliances with whomever they choose, at any time. This game mode, especially without shared victory, results in teamwork and backstabs.

Galactic War

The Galactic War is another genre changing feature from Planetary Annihilation. Wage war across a randomly generated galaxy.

Learn more about the Galactic War game type.