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Planetary Annihilation Galactic War

Galactic War

The Galactic War is a randomized Planetary Annihilation campaign mode allowing for near infinite replayability. Each time a new Galactic War is set up, the galaxy is completely randomized. With this game mode, players must navigate across the galaxy, defeating foes and unlocking tech as they go. The ultimate goal is to track down enemy faction leaders one at a time.

Galactic War is a combination of turn based strategy and real time strategy. Players take turns choosing which system to attack, and then battling over that specific solar system though actual RTS gameplay. Claiming a system allows players to unlock new tech, which could be anywhere from advanced units, or boosts to unit damage, speed or health.

Galactic War can be played as single player vs an AI, clan wars, or open multiplayer.

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Commander Loadouts

At the start of each Galactic War, players must choose a Commander Loadout. Each loadout comes with access different units, factories, and buildings. Players must unlock the rest of the tech tree by playing through the Galactic War campaign. Additional Commander Loadouts can be unlocked by playing through the Galactic War.

Multiplayer Galactic War

Multiplayer Galactic War is yet to be released, but will happen. Details are yet to be released on the Multiplayer Galactic War, Uber is indicating that it’ll be mainly for clan wars.

Galactic War Trailer

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