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Galactic War Commander Loadouts

At the start of each Galactic War, players must choose which Commander loadout to use. Each Commander Loadout grants access to certain factories, units, and buildings, while prohibiting access to others. The other buildings, factories, and units must be unlocked while progressing through the Galactic War.

Additional Commander Loadouts can be unlocked by playing through the Galactic War.

Artillery Commander

Description: The Artillery Commander loadout contains all artillery units. It also enables the Commander to build radar, double barrelled turrets and basic artillery turrets.

How to Unlock: Commander Invictus is rumored to have this long ranged loadout on the Kohr System.

Commander Commander

Description: The Commander Commander loadout contains no factories to start and only starts with two data banks. However, the loadout comes with two Sub Commanders that accompany you in each battle.

How to Unlock: Seek out First Seeker Osiris on Xianyao. There you will find the loadout your friends desire.

Bionic Augmentation Commander Of Networking

Description: The Bionic Augmentation Commander Of Networking (BACON) loadout contains only one data bank but increases the Commander\’s weapon rate of fire by 100%, decreases Uber Cannon energy usage to by 75%, increases health by 200%, and increases speed by 300%.

How to Unlock: Commander Invictus has this powerful loadout hidden away on the Entara system.

Air Commander

Description: The Air Commander loadout contains basic air factories.

How to Unlock: On Atlas, Inquisitor Nemicus has this fast moving loadout installed in his data banks.

Vehicle Commander

Description: The Vehicle Commander loadout contains basic vehicle factories.

How to Unlock: This Commander Loadout is unlocked by default.

Storage Commander

Description: Trades flame tanks for storage

Assault Commander

Description: The Assault Commander loadout contains all basic factories and units but no basic defenses.

How to Unlock: Only Inquisitor Nemicus knows the data for this assault focused loadout. Find it on Patagonia.

Bot Commander

Description: The Bot Commander loadout contains basic bot factories.

How to Unlock: Metrarch the Machinist controls the data for this bipedal loadout somewhere on Cupru.

Orbital Commander

Description: The Orbital Commander loadout contains all orbital units and factories.

How to Unlock: Defeat First Seeker Osiris on Alenquer, then, and only then, you will find this high flying loadout.

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