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Gentleman’s Rules

Gentleman’s Rules were a set unofficial and unenforceable rules between Planetary Annihilation players during the alpha stages of the game. These rules came about due to the buggy features, like metal spawns, and unbalanced structures due to the nature of Alpha.

The rules were created for the Gentleman’s Ladder, which was a player run way of ranking skill in 1v1 matches.

Not all players abided by these rules, but early Planetary Annihilation tournaments did and most of the skilled players agreed to abide by them.

Official Gentleman’s Rules

  • If a player starts nowhere near metalspots he may request a restart
  • You are not allowed to build more than one wall per turret.
  • No abuse of other obvious exploits like wall reclaiming, etc. pp.

More info about the Gentleman’s Ladder and Gentleman’s Rules can be found on the Official Planetary Annihilation forums.