Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Area Commands

Area Commands help players accomplish various tasks with one click rather than several. Utilizing these commands properly is very important for achieving maximum efficiency during a fast paced Planetary Annihilation game.

How to Use Area Commands

Area Commands are very easy to use. Simply select a unit and then right click and drag. Each unit has a different default Area Command, and the Area Commands vary depending on the building that is being placed.

Other Area Commands can be utilized through Keyboard Shortcuts or through the commands menu located on the right hand side of the in game screen. Simply select the new area command, and click and drag.

Area Commands can also be given to factories.

Types of Area Commands

There are several types of Area Commands allowing players to accomplish a variety of tasks.


The build Area Command is the most diverse area command available. This Area Command adapts depending on the type of building that is being placed.

When placing metal extractors, a circle is created and fabricators will place metal extractors on all of the metal spots in the area.

When placing factories or defensive structures, the building is placed out in a line with a little space in-between the building.


The Attack command is utilized by offensive units and is very useful for bombers, gunships, and artillery units. When given an area attack command, units will destroy everything in the area.

Bombers will fly overhead circling the area dropping bombs until everything is destroyed.

Ground units will advance on the area and use their maximum range to destroy anything in the area. Very helpful for artillery units as they won’t rush into the middle of the area and instead will use their maximum range making this command very helpful for taking out defensive lines.


The Patrol command is very useful for scouting the entirety of a planet or when invading a new planet through a teleporter. When given a patrol area command, units will randomly move around within that circle and destroy anything it finds. If there’s nothing to find within that area, they’ll continue to move around within that area, differentiating the patrol areal command from the attack area command.


The Reclaim Area Command is very helpful at giving a boost to hurting economies. With the Reclaim Area Command, fabricators will move around in that area reclaiming any wreckage it finds and converting it into metal. However, be careful as any wreckage that is reclaimed when metal storage is full will be wasted.


The Repair Area Command is very helpful for restoring a damaged defensive line to maximum effectiveness or aiding an attack force.


The Transport area command makes moving units around with the Pelican.