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Planetary Annihilation Chrono Cam

The Chrono Cam is an excellent and genre changing Planetary Annihilation feature for both players and casters. The Chrono Cam allows you to pause, rewind, and fast forward the match at any time. While rewinding, the users has full control and can look anywhere in the playable universe, there are no limitations. Uber developers describe the Chrono Cam as “DVRing a live broadcast.”

This addition to Planetary Annihilation has many excellent applications. They key application is being able to review and figure out what happened while the player or caster’s attention was focused elsewhere. Miss what destroyed a base expansion? Simply rewind and watch what happened.

The Chrono Cam makes managing maps larger than any other Real Time Strategy game, across multiple planets, much more feasible.

Another amazing feature the Chrono Cam architecture enables is being able to pick up a game at any point. If a player wants to re-play a match from a specific point, they can download the game files, fast forward to any point in the game, and take full control of a player and resume playing like normal. This allows players to learn from their mistakes and try new strategies. Players can also download game files of other players, allowing them to re-play tournament matches from the best Planetary Annihilation players.

The Chrono Cam opens up an entirely new realm of capabilities for Planetary Annihilation gameplay casters and eSports.

Using the Chrono Cam

Chrono Cam ButtonThe Chrono Cam can be activated by pressing the Chrono Cam button in the bottom right hand of the game screen. Once pressed, the Chrono Cam window will pop up in the bottom center of the screen allowing players to pause, fast forward, and rewind.

Chrono Cam Keyboard Shortcuts

Chrono Cam keyboard shortcuts do not require players to have the Chrono Cam window open.

Home – Go to beginning of game
End – Go to live game
Page Up – Go back one second in time
Page Down – Go forward one second in time

More Planetary Annihilation Keyboard Shortcuts.

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