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Planetary Annihilation Picture in Picture (Mini Map)

Picture in Picture (Mini Map)

The Planetary Annihilation Picture in Picture, or “PIP,” allows players to easily get a zoomed out view of the entire planet in a small window on the side. The mini map can be zoomed in and out and rotated like it’s a second window.

Mini Maps in Planetary Annihilation cannot function like a traditional mini map in other real time strategy games due to the spherical nature of Planetary Annihilation’s maps.

The PIP will be highly customizable through mods.


Uber Entertainment was originally going to not include a mini map. But after pressure from the Planetary Annihilation community, Uber deiced to explore options and ultimately decided to add a mini map.

The Planetary Annihilation Picture in Picture was originally debuted on the February 19th Internal Playtest.

The Picture in Picture was added into the game on Build 61450.