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Several wars have taken place between the various factions in Planetary Annihilation lore.

Century War

The war between the Progenitor Coalition and the Xziphid Hegemony. The war was assumedly fought over the span of 100 years.

The war began when the Xziphid invaded Progenitor space “like a lightning bolt”. The Progenitor’s military were forced to fight wars of attrition and guerilla campaigns to slow down and stop the Xziphid military. Yet that was not enough, the Progenitor’s were losing system after system to the Xziphid.

All would seem lost until the introduction of the Commanders, robotic military leaders who could create vast armies quickly and did not suffer from moral or logistical issues. The planet Gamma Hydra was the first battle the Commanders partook in that saw the war turn in favour of the Progenitor’s.

No further information is shown regarding the Century War, suffice it to say the Progenitor’s, with the employment of the robotic Commanders, defeated the Xziphid Hegemony.

Outcome: Humanity emerges victories, marks the creations of the robotic commanders

Pro-Com War

The war between the Progenitor Coalition, and the loyalist Commanders, versus the Machine Liberation Army.

Many commanders rebelled against the Progenitor’s and formed the MLA, other commanders remainly loyal to the Progenitor’s. A war unlike the prior Century War was fought between Humanity and Machine.

Humanity was losing, despite massive victories and the assistance of loyalist commanders the MLA was gaining ground, what was worst was that the MLA were systematicly exterminating humanity in a quest of genocide.

Humanity was on the verge of extinction, Sol and Earth were seemingly were among the last bastions of Humanity as the core Proginator worlds were ravaged.

The turning point in the war was the development of the NEST by the Progenitors. (My information on the NEST is limited). The NEST was a superweapon that seemingly shutdown or destroyed commanders. With this the Progenitors were able to launch assaults against the MLA with impunity. However there are hints the deployment of the NEST resulted in many loyalist commanders rebelling against the Progenitors.

The outcome of the war is unknown, the end result of the war was all known commanders having their memory’s, and technical knowledge, erased. The fate of humanity is unknown.

Outcome: Victor unknown, all commander’s in existence collectively lose all historical and much technical knowledge. Fate of humanity unknown.

The Awakening

Thousands of years later, the first Commander’s would awaken. Still programmed to wage war against the other factions, these Commanders create the Commanders that are used in gameplay.

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