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Modding is a process where fans of a game can release un-official modifications to an existing game. These modifications, or mods, can vary greatly. They can be as simple as adding an in game timer or as advanced as adding entire new factions with unique units.

Uber Entertainment recognizes the success of mods, and the video games that support them. The popularity of mods can be seen through popular games such as Minecraft or Skyrim which have thriving communities and many mods. Planetary Annihilation was built from the ground up to encompass these capabilities and even encourages fans to release mods.

Uber Entertainment has expressed interest in having an official Mod marketplace where players can download free and paid mods. Not much is known about this marketplace.

Client Side Mods

Client Side mods alter only the individual’s game. These mods typically include UI tweaks.

Server Side Mods

Server sides tend to be more extensive, and can include all new game modes, balance tweaks, and more.

List of Planetary Annihilation Mods

Additional Mod Resources

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