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Planetary Annihilation Barracuda


Description: Sub Class: Anti-sub and anti-ship torpedoes, long range ballistic nuclear missile

Build Cost: 4,320 metal

HP: 700


Underwater Vision Radius: 100 meters


Max Speed: 10 meters per second

Acceleration: 30

Braking Rate: 50

Turn Rate: 30



The Barracuda is the Advanced version of the Dolphin. Like the Dolphin, it’s a dedicated anti-sub and anti-ship vessel. And like the Dolphin, due to Planetary Annihilation being in Alpha, it currently doesn’t submerge so it isn’t hidden and is nearly pointless. However, unlike the Dolphin, the Barracuda will be able to construct and launch ballistic nuclear missiles for a devastating surprise attack.


In the Build 59549, the Barracuda was removed as a playable unit and had its metal cost increased from 4,050 metal to 4,320