Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources


Traditional energy shields are confirmed to not be added to Planetary Annihilation. There is a possibility of shields being added after 1.0 release, but likely won’t be in the traditional bubble shield style made popular by Supreme Commander.

Shields will be added through mods eventually.


There is lots of controversy in the community about the effectiveness, balance, and implementation of shields in Planetary Annihilation. Suggestions range from traditional bubble shields, to personal unit shields, to shield walls, to chainguns that shoot incoming projectiles.

The common argument against shields is twofold. Primarily, converting energy into health does not balance well due to the abundance of energy and that all units and buildings derive health through metal. The other common argument is that shields do not fit well with the fast paced and aggressive nature of Planetary Annihilation. Since battles take place on a sphere, it’s easy to simply go around shields, negating any benefit they may have.