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Planetary Annihilation Orbital


The orbital layer is a very important component of Planetary Annihilation as it is how players can travel between planets and bombard a planet from above.

To get into orbit, players must construct the Orbital Launcher. Once in orbit, an Orbital Fabrication Bot can build an Orbital Factory, which unlocks some more powerful orbital units.

The three primary roles of the orbital layer is to travel between planets, obtain intel about the planet surface, and to bombard the planet from above.

Traveling Between Planets

All orbital units can fly from planet to planet. Certain units can travel between planets faster than others. Anchors and Orbital Factories cannot move.

There are two ways to get ground units from planet to planet. The cheapest way is to use the Astraeus. The Astraeus is an orbital lander that can pick up units and move them from planet to planet. The other way is to use an Orbital Fabrication Bot to build a Teleporter, which transports units instantly from planet to planet.

Orbital Combat

Orbital Combat is done with the Avenger and Anchor. The Avenger is a fast moving orbital fighter while the Anchor is a stationary structure akin to a Laser Defense Tower. The Anchor can shoot at orbital units as well as ground units.

Orbital Recon

Recon is one of Orbital’s most powerful uses, but is often overlooked by players. Radar Satellites and Advanced Radar Satellites provide invaluable intel for hunting down enemy commanders, spotting incoming attacks, and finding weak points in an opponent’s defenses.

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