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Planetary Annihilation Halley


Description: Delta V Engine - Used to move small to medium celestial bodies.

Build Cost: 40,000 metal

HP: 20,000


Vision Radius: 110 meters


Thrust Power: 10


The Halley is a large “Delta V Engine” that is placed on a celestial body, like a moon or an asteroid, to destroy entire planets. Placing the appropriate number of Halleys on a small moon can be used to smash the moon into a planet’s surface, causing mass destruction and leaving a massive crater.

Not only can Halleys be used to smash planets, but in future builds, Halleys will be able to move celestial bodies into different orbits. Allowing moons and asteroids to be staging areas to send units to an enemy occupied planet. It is not known when this functionality will be available.

They Halley is the signature building that, arguably, put Planetary Annihilation in the spotlight leading to a successful funding on Kickstarter. These powerful engines caught viewers attention when they propelled an asteroid into a planet destroying everything in a glorious explosion.

Activated Halleys

Using the Halley

Different sized celestial bodies require differing amounts of Halleys. The number of required Halleys is set in the system editor and can be customized at the user’s discretion.

A Planet being Smashed

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The Halley is pronounced “hal-ee” – the same as Halley’s Comet.


The Halley was added in the release of beta, in build 54357.

In Beta Build 57703, 3 Halleys are needed to move a planet with a radius of 249 or less, and 25 Halleys are needed to move a planet with a radius of 250-349. (Planets with Radius 350 or greater cannot be moved). The image is taken from a test game where each planet is named for its radius. The plain bar and arrow icons represent a single Halley, and the bar and arrow icons with “5”s represent 5 Halleys.

In the PTE build 69170-main proportional smashing was introduced. Halleys previously destroyed an entire planet, but after 69170, the damage dealt to a planet by a celestial body smashed with Halleys was proportional to the size of the celestial body.

In the Release Build 71459, the cost was increased from 39,000 metal to 40,000 metal and the health from 12,250 to 20,000.