Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Planets


In Planetary Annihilation, planets are randomly generated. This allows for each and every match to be unique, keeping gameplay fresh.

Earth Planet

Earth planets have quite a bit of biome variety depending on the planet temperature and terrain height. From lakes to oceans, desert to snowy plains, tall mountains to plateaus, and forests to cracks. These planets allow for very diverse gameplay ensuring a unique match every time.

Tropical Planet

Tropical planets are primarily water based making for exciting naval combat. These planets are generally predominantly covered in water. Islands can be small and few, or more akin to a continent driving the match to include some land based combat.

Ice Planet

Ice planets are, obviously, predominantly covered in ice but also include lots of barren areas. Mostly covered with lots of cracks and mountains, ice planets can result in lots of choke points and flanking routes. Ice planets also can have quite a few lakes or even an ocean to throw in some naval combat.

Desert Planet

Deserts planets oft include many plateaus for exciting choke points. They also can include plenty of cracks and sometimes some lakes.

Lava Planet

Lava planets are ominous planets dotted with tall mountains, volcanoes, and lava lakes impassable by most units. These glowing spheres offer many choke points and impassable areas driving combat to focus on key strategic areas.

Metal Planet

Metal planets are very unique planets covered in bridges and crevasses creating more choke points than any other planet type. Waging war on metal planets is definitely very different when compared to other planets.

By building five Catalysts on the north pole, the Metal Planet can be weaponized. A giant laser fires out of the north pole, capable of completely destroying any planet in the solar system.


Moons are the simplest of the planet types. They’re simple spheres dotted with passable craters. Due to their simplicity, Moons are a favorite of competitive players, especially for 1v1s. Moons are commonly smaller planets, with the ability to place Halleys, to utilize Planetary Annihilation’s signature planet smash.

Gas Giants

Gas Giants are the most unique planet type in Planetary Annihilation. There is no surface layer for Gas Giants, all gameplay takes place in the orbital layer. The primary incentive to colonize a Gas Giant is to build the Jig, which produces and stores large amounts of metal and energy.