Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Stinger


Description: AA: Anti-air missiles

Build Cost: 90 metal

HP: 80


Damage: 20 DPS. 20 damage per shot. 1 shot per second.

DPS Per Metal:  .222

Range: 80 meters

Projectile Velocity: 155 meters per second


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Max Speed: 12 meters per second

Acceleration: 720

Braking Rate: 120

Turn Rate: 760



The Stinger is an anti-air vehicle armed with homing missiles that can easily shoot down passing aircraft. Excellent for escorting advancing armies.


In the 54357/54382 update, the speed was lowered from 15 to 12, damage was increased from 2 to 20, and can now only target air units.

In the Build 59549, the metal cost was decreased from 225 metal down to 90 metal and the acceleration and brake rate was decreased from 150 to 120.