Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Screencasting Software

There is a wide variety of Screen Casting and Screen Recording software available for recording and broadcasting Planetary Annihilation gameplay.

Streaming to requires a account. Obtain an account here.

Streaming Directly to Twitch can be done directly through Planetary Annihilation.

Casting and Recording Software

Open Broadcaster Software

Price: Free
OS: Windows
Features: OBS is an open source recording and casting software allowing users to record their gameplay for YouTube, or broadcast straight to OBS even supports plugins for added functionality.


Price: Starting at $15
OS: Windows
Features: A very powerful screen recording and live casting software with integration. This very powerful software does come at a high price though.

Recording Software


Price: Free
OS: Windows
Features: Fraps is a very popular video capture and benchmarking software.


Price: About $35
OS: Windows
Features: Very fast screen recording software, multi audio sources, and more.


Price: $99.99
OS: Mac OS X
Features: Screenflow is a streamlined recording software that can record the screen, audio, and video through a webcam. It also comes with a variety of editing and publishing tools so users can record, edit, export, and upload to YouTube all through Screenflow.