Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Units


Units are the offensive workhorse of any army in Planetary Annihilation. They’re used to protect your buildings and crush your opponent. Some are maneuverable and fast moving, ideal for raids and flanking. While others are slow and deal lots of damage, ideal for slamming into a defensive line and steamrolling through an enemies base.


Aircraft are fast moving units that fly above the battlefield and raining death from above. Not all units can fire at the air layer, but the majority of aircraft can fire at the ground.


Bots are maneuverable, fast moving, low armor, high damage units ideal for raiding, flanking, and hit and run tactics. Most bots have short ranges, but some have an extended range, high damage per shot, and low rate of fire.


Naval units are the king of the seas. These slow moving units, have lots of health, long range, and massive damage capabilities. A well rounded fleet can mean disaster for any shoreline base.


Vehicles are the staple of the average army. They have high damage and high health. Vehicles are capable of breaking through hardened defensive lines and steamrolling through bases. Vehicles are the most versatile of all the unit types.