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Planetary Annihilation Advanced Fabrication Aircraft

Advanced Fabrication Aircraft

Description: Advanced Fabrication: Builds advanced structures

Build Cost: 2,100 metal

HP: 100


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Max Speed: 35 meters per second

Acceleration: 180

Braking Rate: 35

Turn Rate: 180


Build Rate: 72 metal per second

Fabrication Metal Consumption: 727 metal per second

Fabrication Energy Consumption: 3,300 energy per second

Energy Consumption per Metal: 45.8 energy per metal


The Advanced Fabrication Vehicle is the tech 2 variant of the Fabrication Aircraft. It builds and repairs faster than the tech 1 version and can build tech 2 structures.

Due to the high energy and metal consumption of advanced fabricators, players must generally wait until they have a sizeable economy to support the cost of running the advanced fabricators.


In the 54357/54382 update, health was changed from 10 to 100.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, a few changes were made.

  • Acceleration: 4 -> 40 m/s/s
  • Brake Rate: 4 -> 40 m/s/s
  • Construction: 18M 3600E -> 27M 3300E