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Planetary Annihilation Fabrication Aircraft

Fabrication Aircraft

Description: Fabrication: Builds structures

Build Cost: 200 metal

HP: 25


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Max Speed: 35 meters per second

Acceleration: 180

Braking Rate: 35

Turn Rate: 180


Build Rate: 9 metal per second

Fabrication Metal Consumption: 9 metal per second

Fabrication Energy Consumption: 1,100 energy per second

Energy Consumption per Metal: 122.22 energy per metal


The Fabrication Aircraft builds much slower than the Fabrication Vehicle and Fabrication Bot. However, it is necessary for T2 aircraft and the ability to traverse oceans and other impassible terrain make it a situationally useful unit.


In the 54357/54382 update, health was changed from 2 to 25.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, a few changes were made.

  • Acceleration: 4 -> 40 m/s/s
  • Brake Rate: 4 -> 40 m/s/s
  • Construction: 6M 1200E -> 9M 1100E