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Planetary Annihilation Hummingbird


Description: Fighter: Anti-air missiles

Build Cost: 180 metal

HP: 200


Damage: 80 DPS. 80 damage every shot. 1 shot per second.

DPS Per Metal:  .444

Range: 100 meters

Projectile Velocity: 150 meters per second


Vision Radius: 150 meters


Max Speed: 90 meters per second

Acceleration: 270

Braking Rate: 90

Turn Rate: 180



The Hummingbird is a dedicated anti-air unit ideal for intercepting incoming bombers.

It is the only air to air capable aircraft, making it the king of the skies.


In the 54357/54382 update, the health was changed from 5 to 10 and damage from 10 to 80.

In the Build 59549, the metal cost was decreased from 180 metal to 135 metal.

In the 67342 Build, several changes were made.

  • HP: 50 to 200
  • Build Cost: 135 metal to 180 metal