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Planetary Annihilation Pelican


Description: Air Transport: Load a land unit for rapid long distance travel

Build Cost: 45

HP: 90


Vision Radius: 70 meters


Max Speed: 90 meters per second

Acceleration: 180

Braking Rate: 90

Turn Rate: 180


The Pelican is a single unit air transport that can quickly pick up and move units through the air from one side of the planet to another.

How to use the Pelican


The Air Transport is a unit confirmed by Uber on the November 27th Livestream.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, the Pelican was made playable in game.

In the 67342 Build, several changes were made.

  • HP: 20 to 90
  • Build Cost: 180 metal to 45 metal

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