Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Bots


Bots are fast moving, highly maneuverable ground units great for raiding and flanking. Bots have less health than Vehicles, though a bot’s high speed often makes them hard to catch by slower moving vehicles.

Bots are not generally ideal for clashing with armies, or breaking defensive lines. Instead, bots are ideal for flanking and destroying outlying metal extractors and hit and run tactics.

Assault Bots

Assault bots like the Dox and Slammer are the workhorses of the Bot unit type. They are fast moving raiding units.

Long Range Bots

The Gil-E, Grenadiers, and Bluehawk are long range bots that deal a lot of damage per shot, but a low rate of fire.

Combat Fabricators

Combat Fabricators are extremely unique units capable of repairing units and buildings with incredible speed and efficiency. Unlike fabricators, Combat Fabricators can repair while moving and have a longer repair range than regular fabricators.


As of build 70289, bots began chattering, mostly when moving.