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Planetary Annihilation Grenadier


Description: Grenadier: Area effect, lobbing assault bot

Build Cost: 120

HP: 80


Damage: Total DPS: 80 DPS
Weapon 1: 40 DPS, 80 damage per shot, 1 shot every 2 seconds.
Weapon 2: 40 DPS, 80 damage per shot, 1 shot every 2 seconds.

DPS Per Metal:  .667

Splash: 40 damage, radius 5.

Range: 95 meters


Vision Radius: 85 meters


Max Speed: 12 meters per second

Acceleration: 720

Braking Rate: 120

Turn Rate: 720


The Grenadier is a quick moving bot built for destroying buildings. Since this unit can shoot over walls, it can take out even hardened defensive lines.

The Grenadier can shoot farther than it can see, so having support units, scouts, or radar, greatly increases its effectiveness.


The Grenadier was first introduced in the PTE build and released on build 65588.

The Grenadier got a new model on build 66503

In the 67342 Build the build cost was changed from 90 metal to 120 metal.

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