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Planetary Annihilation Commander


HP: 12,500


Damage: 1,060 DPS.
Ground to Ground Gun: 160 DPS. 80 damage per shot. 2 shots per second.
Ground to Air Missiles: 200 DPS. 200 damage per shot. 1 shot per second..
Torpedo Launcher: 500 DPS. 250 damage per shot.

Range: 100 meters

Projectile Velocity: 125 meters per second


Vision Radius: 150 meters


Max Speed: 6 meters per second

Acceleration: 60

Braking Rate: 60

Turn Rate: 90


Build Rate: 30 metal per second

Metal Production: 30 metal per second

Metal Storage: 3,000 metal

Energy Production: 1,000 energy per second

Energy Storage: 20,000 energy

Fabrication Metal Consumption: 30 metal per second

Fabrication Energy Consumption: 1,500 energy per second

Energy Consumption per Metal: 50 energy per metal

Planetary Annihilation CommanderCommanders are the first units on the field in any Planetary Annihilation match. They’re used to start armies and invade planets. These large robots have enough health to withstand a direct nuke and can deal large amounts of damage with their primary gun and uber cannon.

The Commander can be reclaimed for 25,000 metal.

Uber Cannon

The Uber Cannon is the Commander’s special weapon. It deals a lot more damage than it’s main gun with a large area of effect. Also unlike the primary cannon, the Uber Cannon uses up energy stockpiles. It must be manually fired through a special fire select mode.

Uber Cannon Damage: 700
Uber Cannon Splash Radius: 20 meters
Uber Cannon Range: 100
Uber Cannon Rate of Fire: 1 shot per second
Uber Cannon Energy Use: 10,000 energy per shot. 10,000 energy storage. 10,000 energy recharge per second.

Commander Variants

Currently there are ten playable Commander variants, and eighteen Commander variants in the game. Currently the different Commander variants are only different aesthetically, they function exactly the same.

  • Aeson Commander
  • Alpha Commander
  • Aryst0krat
  • Beast
  • Betadyne
  • Centurion Commander
  • Delta Commander
  • Gambitdfa
  • Gamma Commander
  • Jax Commander
  • Nemicus Commander
  • Rallus Commander
  • Osiris Commander
  • Progenitor Commander
  • Shadowdaemon
  • SpiderOfMean
  • Theta Commander
  • Xinthar

Commander Explosion

When the commander dies, it explodes in a similar fashion to a nuclear missile, dealing damage to all units and buildings in the explosion radius, including friendlies. It’s not uncommon for both commanders to die as a result of a Commander duel.

Commander Spawn Animation

At the beginning of a match, the Commander spawns in by dropping to the planet in a capsule and exploding on impact.

Related Mods


The Raptor Commander was added during the 55430 build.

The Quadruped Commander was added during the 55493 build.

In January 2014, Uber revealed several new Commander variants.

In the Build 59549, the metal storage was increased from 800 to 1,000 and energy storage increased from 12,000 to 20,000.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, several changes were made to the Commander.

  • Metal Cost: 1500 -> 25000
  • Acceleration: 70 -> 60 m/s/s
  • Brake Rate: 70 -> 60 m/s/s
  • Move Speed: 7 -> 6 m/s
  • Weapon Damage: 75 -> 80
  • Weapon Velocity: 70 -> 125 m/s
  • Uber Cannon Flight Type: Direct -> Seeking
  • Uber Cannon Velocity: 80 -> 100 m/s
  • Uber Cannon Splash Damage: 2500 -> 700
  • Uber Cannon Splash Radius: 10 -> 20 m
  • Uber Cannon Turn Rate: N/A -> 180 deg/s
  • Uber Cannon Max Range: 50 -> 100 m
  • Uber Cannon Rate of Fire: 0.09 -> 1 shots/sec
  • Uber Cannon Energy Use: 10000E per shot, 10000E storage, 10000E demand
  • Uber Cannon Pitch Range: 180 -> 90 deg
  • Uber Cannon Pitch Rate: 80 -> 360 deg/s
  • Uber Cannon Yaw Rate: 80-> 360 deg/s

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 69564, the Commander had its torpedo launcher and missile launcher added, and the economy production was increased from 10 metal per second to 30 metal per second, and 1,000 energy per second to 3,000 energy per second.

In the Planetary Annihilation Release Build 71544, the AA weapon’s rate of fire was decreased from 2 shots per second to 1 shot per second and the splash was removed.

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