Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Commander Availability

There are a number of Commanders available in Planetary Annihilation that are obtained in a number of ways.

Retail Commanders

Retail Commanders are available to all players who purchase Planetary Annihilation, regardless of where it was purchased, or how much it was purchased for.

Invictus: Retail
Aeson: Retail
Centurion: Retail
Osiris: Retail
Rallus: Retail
Nemicus: Retail

Retail Exclusive Commanders

Gamma: Retail Boxed Edition by Nordic Games

Purchasable Commanders

SpiderOfMean: available for sale
Aryst0krat: available for sale
Shadowdaemon: available for sale
Xinthar: available for sale
Betadyne: available for sale
Gambitdfa: available for sale
Contest: Winner Commander

Pre-Order Exclusive Commanders

Theta: All Pre-Orders
Progenitor: $50+ Kickstarter and Cosmic Editions
Alpha: $90+ Kickstarter and Cosmic Editions
Delta: $90+ Kickstarter and Cosmic Editions
Armalisk: Early Access Edition by Nordic Games

Exclusive Commanders

Beast: Winner of Battle of the Beasts