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Planetary Annihilation Inferno


Description: Flame Tank: Short ranged, heavy armored vehicle

Build Cost: 225 metal

HP: 1,000


Damage: 400 DPS. 100 damage per shot. 4 shots every second.

DPS Per Metal:  1.778

Range: 20 meters

Projectile Velocity: 500 meters per second


Vision Radius: 100 meters


Max Speed: 10 meters per second

Acceleration: 180

Braking Rate: 100

Turn Rate: 180



The Inferno is a basic vehicle intended for short range combat. With high damage and lots of armor, don’t let these vehicles get too close!


The Inferno was added in the Build 59549, though it did not have a unique model.

In the Planetary Annihilation Build 61250, several changes were made.

  • New Model
  • HP: 500 -> 600
  • Pitch Range: 10 -> 45 deg
  • Yaw Range: 10 -> 180 deg

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