Planetary Annihilation Gameplay & Resources

Planetary Annihilation Skitter


Description: Scout: Weak, fast speed

Build Cost: 75 metal

HP: 10


Damage: 5 DPS. 5 damage per shot. 1 shot per second.


Vision Radius: 200 meters


Max Speed: 25 meters per second

Acceleration: 360

Braking Rate: 250

Turn Rate: 360



The Skitter is a scout vehicle with high speed and large vision make it ideal for exploring planets and finding opponents.

When added to an attacking army, the Skitter’s large vision can also greatly increase an army’s effectiveness by allowing units to take advantage of their greater range when otherwise they wouldn’t have been able to see as far.


In the Build 59549 the metal cost was decreased from 150 metal to 75 metal and acceleration was increased from 20 to 200.